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Sanctuary for the Arts
Small Batch Worship

Sanctuary for the Arts

After 7 years of conversations about the dream of a dancing church, Sanctuary for the Arts was co-founded with Rev. Jeff Cheifetz in partnership with the Presbytery of San Francisco and InterPlay. We began creating monthly worship experiences using improvisational movement, storytelling, and music in Oakland, CA. A year and a half later, we partnered with Covenant Presbyterian Church to add a second monthly worship service in San Francisco.

Following a series of unfortunate events in the winter of 2016, our leadership team needed a break. During this hiatus, deep personal discernment and family crisis drew me home to Kansas City. My wife and I moved from SF to KC in the fall of 2016. Over the next several months, the SftA leadership partnered with Creation Spirituality and Mythic Theatre to create wonderful experimental worship experiences.

Since the summer of 2017, we have been laying groundwork to "move the tent" from SF to KC. We are currently seeking a congregation to nest with, and an initial group of people to serve on our Guiding Council. If YOU are interested in finding out more about what's happening and how things are shaping up for this exciting ministry, please contact me.

Small Batch Worship

Small Batch Worship is a collaboration with Rev. Dr. Casey Sigmon. We were introduced by Bill Rose-Heim over the summer of 2017. We were shocked to find out how much we had in common - including a passion for spiritual living and creative worship. Both artists in our own right, Casey is more academic and I am more entrepreneurial. Together, we've teamed up to bring you liturgical art, community rituals and personal art based spiritual practices. Click here to visit our website.

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