Thank you for your interest in Spiritual Direction! 

I am not currently taking on new clients. However, I highly recommend Rev. Cat Cox, Rev. Diana Cheifetz, and Maxima Kahn!

What is Spiritual Direction?

A 2 Minute Video



“If you are ready to follow your heart, live a life you love and deepen your connection to your inner light Amy is that person. She is someone wise beyond her years and who is unafraid to speak the truth. Her discernment is spot on and the tools and practices she offers alter how you view yourself, the world and what is possible. Since being coached by Amy I have fallen in love with myself, have the confidence to pursue my dreams and am living life by my own design.”

-Devi W.

"When I first started working with Amy one-on-one, it was because I felt the wonderful gift of creativity I sensed from God was being tapped out in ways that I couldn’t control or sense—the ministry I was doing felt more performative than a faithful outgrowth of time spent with Holy Spirit and I knew if something didn’t change, it would all fall apart. In just a short time, Amy’s insightful questions and invitations to try new ways of thinking and practicing my faith have opened up a way for all the scattered ways of life to work together, honoring God and myself by working smarter, not harder and changing my ministry from a path destined towards burnout to a life-giving creative reflection of God."

-Elaine D.


"Amy is the sort of intelligent, intuitive and compassionate leader that inspires confidence at every turn. I trust her wisdom and guidance as she teaches and brings healing to the world.  When I refer spiritual direction clients to her, I am certain that they will have the chance to move from stuckness to joy in every literal and metaphorical sense!  You will be challenged and changed in delightful ways when you work with Amy!"

-Michelle F.

“Whenever I have a problem I ask Amy for advice. She always knows what to do."

-Jeff D.

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